The future father of my children…believes that “only smarties have the answer”

24 04 2013

Nestle Smarties

As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts; FFOMC is a man of simple pleasures. He asks for very little really and is generally easy to keep happy. As long as he has the following things: beer, an internet connection and easy access to his pyjammas and slippers when he gets home from work in the evening; he is perfectly content entertaining himself and is relatively low maintaince.

He does however allow himself the occassional treat. One of his indulgences is a packet of his favourite sweeties: “Smarties“.

In truth, I don’t know why he is so found of these particular sweeties, maybe it goes back to a happy memory from his childhood. He usually eats very little chocolate, but for whatever reason, a packet of Smarties is his one request on my infrequent shopping  trips.

We have a fab off-licence just over the road from us called the Bottle and Basket. It is a small family run business, (like so many of the shops and take-aways in our area), and the guy who runs it delivers the most outstanding customer service ever! The access to these small family enterprises is one of the reasons I love living where I do. It is nice to live in a community that thrives on small businesses rather than the big brands and high street stores; unfortunately my community is one of a dying breed coming, coming close to extinction due to the current economic downturn. But FFOMC and I like to do our bit to support these local businesses rather than the bigger less personal options.

Unfortunately FFOMC’s love of Smarties, and my love of indulging him, has left me in an embarrassing situation at The Bottle and Basket.

It would seem that only smarties with the letter J on the end of the tube are an acceptable choice. Any other tubes of smarties are clearly hallmarked for other people.

I dont know if you have ever stood in an off-licence, holding up the queue because you are deconstructing their sweetie display (which, let’s face is, is not the most profitable aspect of their business); searching for a packet of smarties with a J on the end. But in my experience, it appears to be frowned upon.

When you have repeated this exercise for such a significant number of visits that the off-licence owner feels obliged to go to the store cupboard to bring out the stock that is not currently displayed on the shop floor so he can actually feed the madness and assist with your search; then you know you have crossed some sort of line.

To the best of my knowledge – Smarties do not actually taste any better when they are packaged in a tube embossed with your initial – but I do know is that sighs and comments will be made if I come home with the “wrong” packet.

Come to think of it; I don’t even know what smarties have the answer to exactly, but I am certain that whatever it is – it does not begin with a J – although it may be:

Question: “How can you irritate your wife and compromise her position as an upstanding pillar of the community and perfectly normal human being in one simple shopping trip?

Answer: Ask her to pick up a packet of Smarties!




2 responses

25 04 2013

omg!! I`m exactly the same!….but trust me,the “c” tubes taste the best! lol

25 04 2013

Nice to know we arent the only fruit-loops who do this 🙂

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