Guardian Angel

23 04 2013

Guardian Angel

I am not usually a motivational quotes sort of person but feeling in need of a little guidance and the image above did make me smile.

With that in mind I have a message for my Guardian Angel:

Your break must be well and truely over by now so put down the coffee and get back to work, please. I don’t like to complain or be difficult but I am a little overwhelmed at work at the minute and could do with a guiding hand. There is nothing life threatening for you to address but my paperwork is a little crazy right now and it’s sometimes hard to know when to accept that you have done all you can and need to put a project to rest. Even with deadlines fast approaching the temptation to endlessly refine work and make improvements in the pursuit of perfection is hard to resist and time is not on my side.

I could do with you resting on my shoulder to help me to keep things in perspective and calm me when day to day challenges seem to become insurmountable tasks.

I dont often ask for help so when I do it is generally a sign that I actually need it. Help me to find the emotional strength to stay strong, secure in the knowledge that this too will pass and be a distant memory a month from now.




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30 04 2013

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