A rose by any other name

22 04 2013

Evil Flowers

Ahhh…welcome back my old friend.

Every year I seem to forget that I suffer from hay fever until it actually happens. It started in my early 20’s and to be honest it is still a bit of a shock on the first sunny day of spring when I start to feel the familiar scratch at the back of my throat, slight headache, puffy eyes and snotty nose that accompany this condition – not generally an attractive look, but I think I make it work!

Apparently 15 million people in the UK suffer with Hay fever: an allergy to airborne substances causing inflammation in the lining of the nose, throat and eyes.

But boiling it right down I spend my entire spring and summer in fear of FLOWERS! Seriously? As if there isnt enough turmoil and chaos on the planet already – about 20% of us cannot leave our homes during the spring and summer months without the fear of being struck down by a dangerous daffodill, an irate iris or even a poisonous petunia?

Apparently it is simply the immune system “over reacting” to the release of pollen into the air when the weather starts to warm up. My immune system is already a bit of a drama queen and seems intent on embracing every illness going, before going into hyperdrive on attack mode.

Enough! Life is too short for me to live in fear of FLOWERS!!! Unless of course they look like this:

Little Shop of Horrors




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