What post you are most proud of?

18 04 2013


My site traffic is rapidly increasing and I have started to be nominated for awards. This is extremely flattering and I would like to thank my fellow bloggers who have nominated me.

However the way these awards are set up you often have to nominate fellow bloggers who you believe are worthy recepients of the same award.

For my most recent nomination I am currently searching for the top 15 most memorable blogging moments. If truth be told I have had many of these! Best memories include the post I read from the first person who took the time to ‘follow me’. Many moments reading about a regular follower who writes the most touching stories about how he is spending his retirement with his loved ones. There are many parenting blogs I visit with great tips and stories. Then there are the quirky and inovative posts written by FFOMC. There have even been some bloggers who I know in real life who started blogging because they enjoyed what I had written and I take tremendous pleasure in reading what they have written.

How can I possibly select my 15 most memorable moments from the abundance I have been blessed with? Of course I have a few in mind but I cannot possibly read EVERYTHING! My blogging life would become a full time job in its own right.

Therefore I would like to invite all fellow bloggers: whether you have ever read what I have writen before orn not, whether you are are loyal followers, people who I follow or even total strangers; please feel free to post a link in my coments section to the blog post you have written that you are most proud of or that sums up your blog content. I will review these before I make my nominations for Most Memorable Moment. If I do follow your Blog be aware I may already have an idea for my favourite moment but this may not represent your best work, so please do take the time to leave a comment so I can share the best of my experience of the blogging world with other readers.

If all else fails I will visit all the posts that are linked and maybe some of my other readers will also check out your site so its a good way for you to generate traffic by directing readers to your “best bits”.

In the spirit of fairness – if I was to nominate the post I am most proud of it would be my toungue in cheek job spec for the future father of my children:


Please contribte so I can share examples of your best work and increase your site traffic.





2 responses

19 04 2013
Title of Blog

Hi there! I love reading your posts. Here is one of my more recent posts that I really like
Hope you enjoy it too!

19 04 2013

Thank you 🙂
I’m off to check out your post straight away!

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