The future father of my children…is my snuggle bunny

17 04 2013

Snuggle bunny

Yes it’s true, FFOMC is my very own “Snuggle Bunny“.

Neither of us will ever agree on the exact origin of this nickname, but I maintain that he was a little drunk one night when I happened to be a little more lucid. In his alcohol induced stupor he slurred the following words to me: “I love you snuggle bunny”.

At the time, I had a major attack of the giggles and I did tease him about it when he eventually sobered up. He of course denies that this conversation ever took place – but somehow the nickname has stuck.

Although I took great pleasure a few years ago in turning up at his place of work and asking the Saturday boy if I could speak to his manager “snugglebunny” in truth nothing in the whole wide world makes me as happy as being snuggled up with FFOMC on our sofa or snuggler (for those of you wondering: it’s a swivel chair built for two and they TOLD me in the shop that it is called a snuggler).

There are many things people look for in a relationship. For me one of the most important things in my  relationship is having a safe and comforting home life and if I am honest, every evening of my life, I look forward to FFOMC getting home from work and us spending time together. Actually even if we end up spending the entire evening in different rooms, occupied with our own individual obsessions, it gives me a sense of comfort to know that he is just there.

FFOMC is a computer addict and as such he lives in our second bedroom while I am situated in our living room. But when push comes to shove we know when it is important to give each other our time and attention, even when it means putting our individual hobbies and interests on the back burner.

For the last 14 years FFOMC has been a devoted and caring partner and I would like to nominate him for “The best snuggle bunny in the whole wide world” Award!




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