Happy Birthday Buttercup!

11 04 2013

Lynne and Buttercup

My gorgeous car Buttercup is a year old and in for her first proceedure today.

I experienced the trepidation of any parent entrusting the care of their baby to a stranger as I reluctantly handed over my keys and I reflected on our first year together. Between you and me, she wasnt planned, she was an accident. The product of a foolish impulsive decision to go shopping – I have only been in a car showroom once in my life, I promise! And I only ended up there because it was sunny and I didnt want to stay indoors. But truth be told, when I look at her now I feel no sense of regret.

From her first hesitant stutter as we pulled out of the forecourt together – we had a special bond.

She has been good for me. She asks so little in return. She does not guzzle petrol. She does not feel like a tank where she turns a corner. She does not splutter and groan and whine for the duration of every journey.

Lately she has been a little grizzley, so despite my nerves as I watch the clock waiting for news, I am lifted by the hope that the underlying cause will be discovered and corrected – however painful the cost. In the last year she has had her knocks and mishaps which were hard for me to bear witness to and brought a tear to my eye. Recently a small chip on her windscreen had to be treated and a confrontation with a brick wall some months ago has left a scar on her right hand side door. But to me she will always be beautiful.

As I waited anxiously for my taxi to return me home while I wait for news, I witnessed a strange man behind her wheel, steering her into the operating room and I uttered a quick prayer “Please be gentle with her”.

My husband only has limited access with her and must be supervised at all times. I am concerned that when he eventually passes his driving test he will want to have a car with me, something that is ours and not just mine, and Buttercup may end up being neglected and sidelined. I cannot imagine allowing this to happen but we will cross that junction when we come to it.

Happy Birthday Buttercup. May you be returned to me with a clean bill of health and your flawless service history intact.




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