The future father of my children…is expensive to maintain

10 04 2013


This has been an expensive month.

As the main bread winner in my household I have spent a lot of money and it occurs to me that while FFOMC is essentially a man of simple pleasures, he can be very expensive to maintain.

It started with the realisation that he had no black dress shoes to go with his suit. No problem, a quick trip to Debenhams after school at the beginning of the month produced a stylish pair of shoes that were half price in one of the many, many promotions they run throughout the year.

I also treated myself to a new outfit for his sister’s wedding so I would look good hanging off his arm. Due to the unseasonably cold weather we are having I needed something with a jacket. I was happy with my purchase a patterned green and white dress with a lime casual jacket and a pair of nude peep toe shoes. The realisation that a size 12 drowned me and I had to go down to a size 10 only added to my pleasure with my new look. I felt a million dollars and an unplanned visit to the hairdresser for a designer messy up do completed the look but lightened my purse further.

A last minute decision to stay in the hotel (so we could both enjoy the overpriced hotel drinks together avoiding the drive home), placed a further burden on my strained credit card.

We encountered the familiar situation at weddings of realising that you have neglected family and friends and should make an effort to see them more regularly so you agree to organise a catch up soon. This time we actually followed through resulting in a lovely meal out with family. But the costs of our indulgences were mounting.

FFOMC is also on a quest to finally acquire a driving licence. I bought him some lessons for Christmas to get him started. He is now covering the costs and at £27 per hour, he is feeling the pressure so I have agreed to fund his theory test to help him out.

All in all there is not a lot of spare cash right now and it may be a long slog to our next pay day.

I get paid slightly earlier than FFOMC so towards the end of every month FFOMC comes to me all doe-eyed and requests some pocket money or else he won’t be able to buy lunch and how could I say no to his sweet little face?

Considering the financial strain on us this month I must question whether we will ever be able to afford children. After all kids are notorious for needing new shoes, school uniforms etc. They tend to be invited to more parties than their parents resulting in need to splash out on birthday gifts for their many school friends.  Trips to MacDonald’s and Pizza Hut don’t come cheap and our future kids may take ballet, karate or other classes that could leave us totally destitute long before they get to an age when they demand pocket money each week.

FFOMC is apparently preparing me for living on a tight budget and just like our future children, he is worth every penny.





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