Song Title Challenge

9 04 2013


I love music! I have eclectic tastes and listen to a wide range of musical styles.

Music has a way of defining who we are. Particular songs can resonate and recapture feelings of long distant memories.

To celebrate my love of music I want to create the sound track for my Blog and wish to enlist the help of my readers.


The challenge is thus:

  • I will pick one of the recurring themes of my Blog.
  • I will then invite readers to sum up this theme using the title or lyrics taken from a song of their choice.
  • You can take a serious or witty approach as long as the link to the theme in question is clear.
  • If this succeeds in generating some interaction on my blog I will follow up with subsequent themes in the future
  • You can (and should), post as many times as you like
  • Using your Blog or other social media please direct any friends who are music lovers to my Blog and encourage them to join in and contribute their ideas.


I look forward to reading your sugestions – to start, please click on the link below!






2 responses

9 04 2013

In line with the parenting theme… How about “sweet child of mine” ?

Oooor… “I knew I loved u before I met you” ?

11 04 2013
Clare Stewart

and one from the Father of my children…Louden Wainwright again with Being A Dad 🙂

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