8 04 2013
Giraffe Restaurant Guildford

Giraffe Restaurant Guildford

In a bid to capitalise on the good feeling generated at my sister-in-laws wedding a week ago FFOMC and I have been trying to make time to spend with his side of the family. We do not make enough effort to do this and although we always say we will organise a get together each time we meet up – the months roll by until the next event with a three line whip occurs and therefore demands our attendance.

So we have been making plans with the family and last night we went out to Giraffe Restaurant in Guildford with FFOMC’s brother and his girlfriend.

I have never been to this chain before and it was a really enjoyable experience. The website describes the experience as:


“Freshly cooked food for everyone served to the sound of great music – guaranteed to make you feel good”

The food was truly fantastic and the music was definitely catchy but without feeling too intrusive. However the highlight of the evening, aside from enjoying each other’s company, had to be our waiter. He turned out the be the manager helping out due to staff shortages and he was fantastic.

I have rarely described an adult male as bouncy but “the lovely Anthony” (as he is listed on the Giraffe website) would definitely qualify for the Tigger crown.

This was a man for whom NOTHING was too much trouble. He sparkled all night (and not in a dumb-ass Twilight sort of way). He worked the floor like a gymnast, bouncing round with boundless energy, checking in on us several times and anticipating our needs before we realised what they were, e.g. the extra naan bread for our mezze starter to mop up our dips, and everything was accompanied by a warm smile, a quip and outstanding passion for his job.

The customer service was outstanding and it was a great night out.

“The lovely Anthony’s” boundless enthusiasm prompted us to start creating lists of weird and wacky requests – just to test his resolve such as a caviar souffle for our starter, an entire roast boar for mains or maybe a knicker-bocker-crumble for dessert.

He did fail us in our quest to discover which Greek philosopher died by having a turtle dropped on his head from a great height, but I imagine had we pressed him he would have googled it for us.

We were greatly relieved that the recommended gratuity had been added to the bill when it arrived as my brother-in-law had already quipped that there would be no tip large enough to recognise the quality of the service. We were in discussion about simply leaving him our credit cards and pin numbers and telling him to knock himself out when the bill arrived.

Sadly we couldn’t agree who would get to adopt “the lovely Anthony” which is a shame, because he could brighten a darkened room. But to anyone who has not tried Giraffe I would highly recommend it.

If “the lovely Anthony” ever reads this, I would just like to say thank you. People are quick to complain when they have a problem and too slow to compliment great work from outstanding staff.





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