The little things in life

7 04 2013

Worlds best teacher

I recently had breakfast with my extended family following my sister-in-laws wedding.

We don’t see each other a lot and it was a lovely opportunity to spend some time together but we ended up having a lengthy discussion about mugs. I won’t take the risk of over-analysing what this says about our conversational skills but it got me thinking about how little things in life such as your favourite mug can lift even the darkest mood.

The conversation started when we were confronted with the typical hotel glasses that hold only a thimble full of juice; the newly married couple resolved to pack some proper mugs to take with them on their honeymoon to Jamaica. The groom spoke about his favourite Tigger mug – which holds the same amount of tea as an average teapot.

Everyone knows that a decent cup of tea is the solution to every calamity in life! No matter the tragedy, there is always someone who makes the offer to “make a brew”. In addition to righting all the worlds wrongs; it is something to be enjoyed as a morning pick me up, or with a biscuit and a chat during your break. Every morning I start my day drinking tea and it simply wouldnt be the same without my favourite mug. I smile every time I use it.

A student bought it for me two years ago. He was one of my older students and definitely one of the ‘cool kids’. He shuffled up to me after our last lesson of the year and waited for all the other students to leave before muttering that he had bought me a thank you present and handing me a gift wrapped box. It was a fab Worlds Best Teacher mug because I apparently made an offhand comment that my mug had mysteriously disappeared from the cupboard in the staffroom. It had a verse on it (pictured above) and it is one of the most thoughtful and appreciated gifts I have ever received.

No matter how much I am dreading day at work, whatever anxiety or stress I am under, strong tea in my favourite mug always brings a smile to my face and reminds me that sometimes I get it right.

If you are having a bad day what makes you smile?

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2 responses

7 04 2013
An Urban Mystic

Words of encouragement from a friend or being around happy people 🙂

7 04 2013

I couldnt agree more – its important to have support from the people you care about.

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