How many posts should you ‘readaday’

25 03 2013


I have managed to maintain the habit of writing something every day for a couple of months now.

While not everything I write is earth shatteringly brilliant, being consistent and writting regularly has had a positive impact on my site stats, likes and follows.

I try to make the effort to thank everyone who ‘likes’ my posts and to visit their Blog and read a few posts that they have written.

This seems the courteous thing to do as they have taken the time to read what I have written and I genuinely enjoy reading the wide range of topics and themes people Blog about. By reading a selection of posts by eah writer I can get a feel for each Blog and establish whether it is something I would like to follow myself.

As I have been generating more site traffic I am finding it harder and harder to do this causing me to question how many posts should I ‘readaday’

My Blog is after all a hobby not a full time career – (although wouldnt a career in blogging be a fine thing)! I go onto the freshly pressed screen and view the list of Blogs I follow and try to keep up to date with fellow bloggers whose work I enjoy. My two favourite bloggers are: Simple Tom and Jezzarath.

I enjoy the optimistic tone of one and I am married to the other. These I do go out of my way to read but there are SO many great Blogs out there and just not enough time to read them all.

How many posts written by others do you ‘readaday’? and at what point is it acceptable to switch off the computer and give up?

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24 03 2013


This morning I have written a short poem about what Sunday’s look like since I started teaching. With modern technology – laptops, internet access, smart phones etc. making us accessible to our employers pretty much 24/7 I am sure many working people have the same problem with poor work/life balance:


S          Sleeping in till half past ten; a weekend treat for working men.

U         Until we stir and shake off sleep with pending deadlines we must keep.

N         Never just a day of rest, in fact it’s often quite a test

D         Doing endless admin tasks; the long to do list lasts and lasts.

A         Always something to be done no time to just indulge in fun.

Y          Yesterday seems like a world away and tomorrows pressures kill today.


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I need at least 100 views to beat my husbands stats!

23 03 2013


The heat is on!

Inspired by my 100th Blog post my husband has started Blogging again. He is known online as Jezzarath or FFOMC (future father of my children).

Check out his site at:

His return to blogging follows a significant break.

Initially I was delighted by this. I am after all, supportive of his creative endeavours and as I have mentioned before I started my own Blog because I was inspired by his writting. However my initial happiness about his reintegration into the blogging world was short lived as today, only three days after he started to write again he has managed to secure about 150 views of his site. Not fair!!!

This has brought out my competitive side! So the game in on hunny! Good luck and I love you but I WANT TO WIN!!!!

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Spell Cauliflower

23 03 2013


One of my students recently wrote and performed a really clever monologue. I cannot remember the content in detail but the premise was that events in childhood have an impact on adult life.

She had painted scars all over her body and when questioned about this she explained that they were not meant to be literal but symbolic of the damage caused by childhood events. In her performance, written as a piece of poetry, she pointed to each scar and linked it to something that had happened in childhood that her character had carried with her throughout her life.

I am a fairly confident person but I am far from perfect and I am often reminded of my imperfections.

When I was making the transition from primary to secondary school at age 11 I didn’t make the grades to be accepted by a grammar school. However with a lot of work and consistently good grades I was invited to interview at a grammar school.

The interview went extremely well, until the head of English decided to give me an impromptu spelling test. I was fine until he asked me to spell cauliflower.

To this day, my face flushes red when I think of that moment and I relive the panic of knowing that my acceptance into grammar school was hanging in the balance because of a word I am confident I had never written down in my life up to that point.

I was accepted by the school but my parents have always mocked me about my spelling and I was a little scarred by the experience.

No one is good at everything and as an adult I can accept my faults – but if I could have the opportunity to speak to 12 year old me in that moment of my life – filled with anxiety and fear that I was about to ruin my entire future because of one misspelt word I would take the opportunity to extol the virtues of spell check and explain patiently to my moronic younger self that despite me many faults I would do alright for myself.

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How should men say – I’m sorry?

22 03 2013


Today I arrived at work ready to face anything life threw at me.

However, as I opened the door to the theatre to let my little bunnies in to start their drama rehearsals; they just kept coming, and coming and coming. It was not my regular class (I was covering the absence of a colleague), so I did not recognise any of the children and as my confusion at the vast numbers of children arriving at my lesson grew and anxiety started to take hold, the manager of the Cover team blustered in.

In addition to my absent colleague the other member of the department had somehow managed to sleep through his alarm. As he doesn’t live particularly close, he was not going to be with me for some time. There were 60 children in total who entered my classroom and it was the day of their assessment. Unfortunately, just to make it as trying as possible, the children were also working not in groups but in pairs, giving me a total of 30 performances to watch and grade in less than an hour. Sufficient to say that it was VERY hard work!

When my sleepy colleague did arrive he produced the most beautiful bunch of flowers for me by way of an apology. They truly were stunning and I appreciated the gesture but I must be honest I would have been grateful for a cup of coffee or even better a can of Red Bull!

It occurred to me that flowers are a very ‘masculine’ strategy for acknowledging they have mucked up somehow and want to express their regret.

I think us girls should get together and agree some sort of system where the severity of the digression is reflected in the apology. As many men cannot express themselves in words I would suggest the following apology scale as a starting point:



Leaving the toilet seat up Clean the entire bathroom – including mopping the floor.
Forgetting a birthday or anniversary Christmas is cancelled.
Telling you that a particular outfit makes you look fat. Poetic justice demands that you must spend the day in a floral dress and feather boa combo.
Take your mummy’s side over your partners. Go and live with your Mummy for a week or so until you see sense.
Put on the moves when they know you’re absolutely not in the mood Go without sex for a month.
Call you another woman’s name at an inappropriate moment You must legally change your own name to ‘Ivanna Pee’
Buys an expensive item for the house such as a TV without consulting you first. Spend an equal amount on shoes for you.
Comes home drunk and wakes you up. Attend a military boot camp and complete sleep deprivation training activities to learn the importance of sleep.

 This list is far from a complete but it should prove a useful starting point to work from – I would delighted to hear of any other suggestions people amy have on this topic.

As far as today goes – the flowers have made me smile but a hot cup of coffee would have been equally aceptable by way of apology!

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Irrational happiness

21 03 2013

I have been a bit stressed out at work lately – its that time of year!

At times like these I have a number of ways of dealing with the blues – things that make me irrationally happy and never fail to lift my mood.

Tonight I brought out an old favourite, I love music and you can’t beat a good parody. I don’t know what it is about this song but I cannot listen to it without giggling like a teenager.

I would be interested in hearing about what things make other people as irrationally happy as this song make me.

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The future father of my children… is happy to name our child Hamlet

20 03 2013


Like many couples who have been together for a long time FFOMC and I have had the optimistic idealistic discussions about being parents and what our future children might be like. We also have the requisite list of potential baby names.

Creating this list has been a labour of love and I must say the list has seen great improvements over the last 14 years that we have been together.

When this topic was first discussed, FFOMC suggested Brandon if we had a boy and Emerald if we had a girl. As a teacher I come into contact with a lot of Brandon’s and the experience – for me – has been less than positive. Before you lynch me, I am sure there are many fantastic young men with this name! But all teachers have experiences that influence their attitudes towards particular names and I am afraid that for me Brandon is an unthinkable choice for my son. I don’t know anyone named Emerald (I think there may be good reasons for this) but again there may be some wonderful and inspirational Emerald’s out there who I simply have not yet met.

Our list of baby names has matured as we have with more grown up choices like: Katherine, Hannah, Emma and Jessica as possible girls names and Henry, Harry and Nathan for a little boy.

Of course this is all very hypothetical and it is common to feel differently when there is an actual baby or even just a bump to name.

The topic of children’s names was discussed recently in the staff room at school. My boss started giggling like a schoolgirl and when I pressed her on what had her so amused she said “You should so called your future children Hamlet and Ophelia or Romeo and Juliet”. We all had a giggle at this especially when I realised that my parents – who have strong views on the names of children – might actually buy into the idea that I would make these choices for long enough for any alternative I revealed to be a relief.

I was explaining this to FFOMC this evening. Thank goodness I’m not emotionally invested in the name Hamlet because the rest of the conversation went as follows:

“I could live with us naming our son Hamlet”

I almost fell out of my chair…

…”as long as his middle name is…wait for it”

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