Spell Cauliflower

23 03 2013


One of my students recently wrote and performed a really clever monologue. I cannot remember the content in detail but the premise was that events in childhood have an impact on adult life.

She had painted scars all over her body and when questioned about this she explained that they were not meant to be literal but symbolic of the damage caused by childhood events. In her performance, written as a piece of poetry, she pointed to each scar and linked it to something that had happened in childhood that her character had carried with her throughout her life.

I am a fairly confident person but I am far from perfect and I am often reminded of my imperfections.

When I was making the transition from primary to secondary school at age 11 I didn’t make the grades to be accepted by a grammar school. However with a lot of work and consistently good grades I was invited to interview at a grammar school.

The interview went extremely well, until the head of English decided to give me an impromptu spelling test. I was fine until he asked me to spell cauliflower.

To this day, my face flushes red when I think of that moment and I relive the panic of knowing that my acceptance into grammar school was hanging in the balance because of a word I am confident I had never written down in my life up to that point.

I was accepted by the school but my parents have always mocked me about my spelling and I was a little scarred by the experience.

No one is good at everything and as an adult I can accept my faults – but if I could have the opportunity to speak to 12 year old me in that moment of my life – filled with anxiety and fear that I was about to ruin my entire future because of one misspelt word I would take the opportunity to extol the virtues of spell check and explain patiently to my moronic younger self that despite me many faults I would do alright for myself.

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2 responses

23 03 2013

This is very true and beautifully put. We all have scars but I truly believe that they make us who we are today. x

23 03 2013

Thank you for contributing! I have sooooo many examples of the emotional scars I still carry from childhood, but they will need to wait for a later post!

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