I need at least 100 views to beat my husbands stats!

23 03 2013


The heat is on!

Inspired by my 100th Blog post my husband has started Blogging again. He is known online as Jezzarath or FFOMC (future father of my children).

Check out his site at: http://sofaruntitled.wordpress.com/about/

His return to blogging follows a significant break.

Initially I was delighted by this. I am after all, supportive of his creative endeavours and as I have mentioned before I started my own Blog because I was inspired by his writting. However my initial happiness about his reintegration into the blogging world was short lived as today, only three days after he started to write again he has managed to secure about 150 views of his site. Not fair!!!

This has brought out my competitive side! So the game in on hunny! Good luck and I love you but I WANT TO WIN!!!!

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4 responses

23 03 2013

Reblogged this on So Far Untitled and commented:
For the sake of Marital Harmony, I am re-blogging Wife’s entry.
I suggest you take a look, both to make my weekend better, and becuase she is actually well worth reading!

24 03 2013
Pete Denton

I’ve added to your hits count a little. Good luck in your quest 🙂

24 03 2013

Thank you – we cannot let him beat me!!!
Hmmm…my competitive side may be coming out a tad.

12 04 2013

good luck! go get him 🙂

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