Hour Glass Figure

12 03 2013


In a bizarre turn of events my body has clearly decided it currently wants to ‘voluntarily’ adopt a perfect hour glass figure. My waist is currently non-existent and everyone at work is commenting on how slim I look.

I have always been extremely lucky with my shape and size and although the numbers on the scales have shifted, in both directions over the years; other than sporting a bit of a tummy occasionally, I would never have been described as overweight and have been a size 12 for my entire adult life – I believe this is close to average for a women in the UK.

I do not DIET! I don’t believe in it. I LOVE good food and I eat as much of whatever I want until I am no longer hungry and then stop. Some of my recent posts about my favourite foods are a testiment to this, chippy tea, biscuits and the unbeatable Ulster Fry.




Unfortunately I do miss countless meals due to workload and stress and this is far from desirable and not a lifestyle choice to which anyone should aspire.  I eat a healthy balanced meal every night and I feel that my body generally gets what it needs, albeit at irregular intervals. I am also very active in my working life and this has had an impact on my body shape.

I am not promoting my personal habits as healthy aspirational lifestyle choices and I know I should manage my diet and stress levels more effectively; but although there has been no conscious attempt on my part to improve my appearance and lose weight (something that has never been a priority for me), I am quite pleased to be modelling my current tiny waist and enjoying my hourglass figure – as long as I keep my curves.

I must admit that it is nice to receive compliments about my figure and I love the look and feel of my clothes right now and my husband certainly seems to appreciate my current svelte body shape.

I never want to be a slave to the scales or value myself based on my body shape or image – life is too short to prioritise things that simply do not matter as long as you are healthy.

But that does not mean that I cannot appreciate the compliments and enjoy the feeling of being comfortable in my own skin right now as long as I remain healthy, happy and curvy just as nature intended.

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