Date Day Disasters

10 03 2013


Today was the day of my highly anticipated ‘date’ with my husband. It has been a while and it really should not be difficult for a married couple with no children to enjoy a straight forward day or evening enjoying each other’s company. It shouldnt be, but it was.

After a scrummy Ulster Fry for lunch I drove us into town and we attempted to find somewhere we could park the car for the duration of the film. You might expect that the car-park beneath the cinema would have been a good choice but as there was a maximum parking time allowed of only three hours we decided not to take the risk as many films now run for that long.

Option 2 was the multi-storey 5 minutes walk away. After parking the car we were just stepping into the street when we discovered that the multi-story car park shuts at 6pm. This would not give us enough time to get back to the car after the film finished. We did of course have to pay the day rate for a Sunday as we made our exit less than 5minutes after our arrival.

We finally found a space at the absolute bargain price of just over £5.00. REALLY!!!

As we had expected to park at or at least near the cinema neither of us had brought our coats so we shivered on the walk the whole way back to the cinema in the freezing cold.

When we arrived and I attempted to purchase our tickets, my credit card appeared to short circuit the machine and the (friendly and enthusiastic) teenagers charged with manning the popcorn station and pick ‘n’ mix counter were forced to adopt a temporary cash only policy (this was still in force when we left hours later).

We had just enough time before the film started to leave to get some cash and buy some drinks and sweeties at a local store. Unfortunately we decided to pay at the self service check and as the scanner was ‘playing up’ my husbands ‘tangtastics‘ (weird sour sweets he seems to love) got knocked off the counter and onto the floor meaning that we left without them.

When I explained the days events to my Mother on the phone even she seemed to feel that FATE had decided we were not meant to have a a date day today. To be honest we were tempted to give up and just come home.

However when we finally made it to our seats and got all cuddled up in the dark with my head resting on his shoulder, then nothing, not even the four chatterbox morons behind us, could have spoiled our first date in what seems like forever.

FYI: I paid, we went to see the Oz thing and not Les Mis, it was a tad stressful, the people constantly talking in the row behind us were selfish pillocks but it was PERFECT!

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11 03 2013

where did you go ?

11 03 2013

Local cinema

18 06 2013
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