Are you gonna eat me Mommy?

4 03 2013


Last night I gave my mum a call. I had no real reason to call, there were no updates for her or witty stories about my day, to be honest I just wanted to hear her voice.

Well thats not entirely true…I wanted to hear ‘a voice’ but it isnt exactly hers…

…to give this some context – when I was in primary school I had to do a project about my family. I took great pride in my work and my poster took pride of place on the wall display put together by my teacher. On parents evening my Mum and Dad were admiring the work on display and searched eagerly for my contribution.

They were sporting identical red faces when they eventually sat oppoite my teacher for what I can only imagine was an excruciating 10mins. “Miss Whatsherface” was very apparently very keen to finally meet the Dad who called my Mommy “Weenie Duck“. This information was on display for all the staff and parents to see. Obviously my younger self was unaware that this was a private nickname used by my parents.

This story has been the source of some amusement for many years but it was only a few years ago that I discovered the origin of this strange nickname. There is a cartoon featuring a baby duck who somehow ends up believing that it is the child of a “puddy tat” – I think its a “looney tunes” cartoon. It turns out that my Mum is AMAZING at doing the voice of said Duck who’s catch phrase is “Are you gonna eat me Mommy?

My sisters and I absolutely love hearing my Mum do this voice. Mum is incredibly funny and has a wicked sense of humour (which has become distinctively more raunchy over the years as we have got older) and the innocence and niavity of this baby duck character takes me right back to the bedtime stories she told me when I was a young child.

I will always need my Mum on the end of the phone.

I dont ever need a special reason to call. It does not matter if I have nothing strange or startling to report. In good times or bad nothing in my life cannot be resolved by the sound of my Mum repeating this simple catchphrase.

Recently my childhood bedroom was turned into a home cinema so I sent my Dad a birthday gift of 3 vintage style posters to adorn the walls. But Mum and Dad were – as always – well ahead of me. They had found a poster of the 2012 Disney film “Frankenweenie” or as they see it “Frank and Weenie(duck)“. It is worth mentioning that to be truely acurate the title should be “Tank and Weenie(duck)“. I was reminded of the embarrassing parents evening they spent at my primary school many years ago and imagined their fits of giggles on the car journey home.

Weenie Duck‘ is many things to many people but to me she is the voice of reason and comfort at the end of the phone anytime I need her.

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