Boys Night

1 03 2013

Billy D

This evening I have inadvertently wound up right in the middle of a boys night.

Our good friend came over and we enjoyed pizza, drinks and re-runs of the most recent series of Modern Family. Usually when I enjoy an evening watching telly with my husband I am immune to my partners eye rolling and frustration at my inability to follow the intricate plot twists of the time paradox movies I am usually subjected to. In fact I have come to expect this treatment. But when there are two men in my home, they tend to gang up on me.

Tonight it was a guest appearance of Billy D Williams in Modern Family that resulted in my being the target for much scorn and ridicule. I made the mistake of innocently asking why he was famous. Apparently this was a mistake. ‘The boys’ froze in shock and repeated my question back at me in amazement and horror.

Billy D Williams evidently played a major character in Star Wars – “Lando Calrissian”.

I have seen all of the Star Wars films and they have clearly not made a massive impression on me.  I did not dislike them, as far as I can recall, but if I am honest I could go the rest of my life – quite happily – without ever seeing them again. They did not initiate the life altering experience that the men in my life claim to have experienced.

I am just going to come right out and say it: Star Wars is a BOYS FILM.

I am not going to sulk – instead I am planning a “Sex in the City” marathon for the three of us next week.

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