The future father of my children…has a strong work ethic

27 02 2013

work ethic

One of the things that has always impressed me about my other half is his work ethic.

He has been in steady work since his first paper round and has never been unemployed. He is not fussy about what he does for a living but throughout his working life, whatever job he has had, he has made an effort to be an asset to his employers.

This is an admirable quality and definitely one I would want my future children to aspire to.

FFOMC is ‘technically’ a retail manager for a company that sells computer games; however over the past 6 years he has frequently been seconded on a temporary basis to head office – we would like to see this become a more permanent arrangement.

His work ethic is not in question. However it is worth considering whether his job role is compatible with a good family life. Unfortunately due to his current circumstances there are two jobs to consider: His role as a ‘Store Manager’ and his role as an ‘Office Worker’.

My husband has been with his current company for over 10 years. Even with the threat of redundancy last year, which caused some sleepless nights for a number of weeks, he has a level of security.  If the worst should happen and his company was forced to make him redundant, he would be fairly expensive to get rid of. This would give us some time to get him into a new job without insurmountable financial concerns and I know he would take a job at MacDonald’s tomorrow without question or complaint and chose to pay the bills rather than hold out for ‘the perfect position’. He will always make sure he is able to provide for me and I am sure he will adopt the same approach to looking after our future family.

One of the benefits of this job role for a potential future father is that he can purchase the more expensive Christmas and birthday gifts for our children at a staff discount this is definitely desirable especially given the huge demands placed on parents by their children in 2013.

The FFOMC’s love of games would also mean that he would be in the know when it comes to the most sought after gifts each season. He could ensure that his purchase’s will be early, to avoid being one of the parents who is left wanting and surprised on Christmas Eve when they visit a store to discover that the main present ‘little Timmy’ has put on his Christmas list (for some reason they are always ‘little Timmy’ when hubby describes this scenario) has been sold out for the last 6 weeks.

FFOMC could also play the games with our children – an area in which I would most definitely NOT excel and even set up parental controls to prevent our offspring being subjected to inappropriate material – and though I hate to admit it, let’s face it, I wouldn’t know how to switch a computer on if he wasn’t here to help me.

But his expertise in this area may result in my feeling left out. I may end up being the only family member whose ICT skills are found to be lacking as my future children will grow up with technology that was only available to me later in life.

This is not the only downside to his chosen profession. Working in retail unfortunately comes with other burdens such as the need to work weekends, bank holidays and even Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year. Surely I cannot expect my future children to grow up without their father present on major family orientated holidays?

I did mention that at present he works in the office. The hours are much better for us as a couple and would definitely be more suited to family life: No more working bank holidays, take a week off at Christmas, your weekends are your own! Now this, I can get on board with. But who will be home to wait for deliveries, landlord inspections, plumbers etc. Most of the world seems to operate on a Monday to Friday basis so if we both take our days off at weekends, how will we manage these inconvenient interludes?

There is also the issue that now that we have the same days off we have come to the realisation that we have very different ideas about what constitutes a ‘good day off’. I am already in my mind planning trips to B&Q and Homebase to source materials for the house and garden that we will buy and need to maintain…

…but for him days off mean World of Warcraft and action movies.

I like snuggling up with him on the sofa with a glass of wine and a chick flick, or a picnic in the living room…

…but for him days off mean World of Warcraft and action movies.

I love the idea of romantic walks at the duck pond nearby, or a trip to the Look Out in Bracknell, maybe a pub lunch on Sundays, visiting sites of historical interest, mini golf, and romantic meal’s out at a nice restaurant …

… but for him days off mean World of Warcraft and action movies.

For now I am happy that he is in regular paid work when many people are not. I love that his work ethic means he will take whatever job is available and do it to the best of his ability increasing his chances of rising through the ranks. We may or may not ever come to an agreement about the PERFECT weekend but I love that my future children will have a hard working role model who they can look up to.

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