Thank you Emmie Lawrence

25 02 2013

thank you

This post is actually inspired by something that happened about tis time last year. Back in 28th June 2012 Ryan Podger saved my holiday.

I had never met him and he had no reason to feel that he owed me anything. The give you some context; due to a miscommunication my holiday was cancelled and it looked like my husband and I were going to lose not only our original booking but the £700 we had already paid towards it. I cannot begin to describe how devastated and inconsolable I was. We could not afford to simply pay the full amount again, (who has an extra £700 just lying round) and may have meant that we would not have a holiday that year. But Ryan Podger came to the rescue and after a dozen phone calls and some excellent customer service our trip to Mexico was saved.

We were so impressed with Ryans efforts to help that my husband wrote a Blog post about his experience called “Thank you Ryan Podger”:

He sent a link to Ryan’s employers at Thomson Holidays and received an unprecedented increase on his stats page in the following days. Ryan himself saw the post and replied thanking us and saying only that he had done his job and hoped we had a good holiday. I hope he also got some sort of bonus and recognition in his work place.

The post my husband wrote about this is probably my favourite post ever. I loved the idea that Ryan received public recognition for his hard work and effort and that his employers were aware of how much we valued him. People are so quick to condemn bad service and complain but only rarely do they say thank you and acknowledge good work.

I would urge more people to recognise those who make their lives better.

With that in mind I would like to say a personal thanks to my colleague Emmie Lawrence.

Emmie is simply amazing. I am better at my job because of her. We present a united front in all work related matters, have a hugely successful collaborate relationship, laugh daily, cry together, share each other’s secrets and support each other through the good times as well as the bad. I cannot think of a better person to share my working life with. We spend more time together than we do with our partners and it is a relationship that I have come to really value over the last three years.

This woman quite simply makes my life better and for that I would like to thank her.

If you have someone who makes your life easier or better, personally, professionally or just a stranger who works in a call centre and helps you out by offering good customer service – let them know.

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