Let them eat biscuits

23 02 2013

Chocolate biscuitsI have often said how much I love my part time job on Saturday mornings. But alas it is not all rainbows and butterflys. This is a real shame because it is so close! I am not talking about the fact that I work 6 days every week or the fact that I struggle to get myself out of bed on a Saturday morning. It is not an issue of pay, colleagues or even an unreasonable workload.

The big issue with my part time job is that despite ongoing demands, tantrums, sobbing and even begging on occasion (and if you know me personally you will know that I am not prone to any of the above); my boss appears to be incapable of providing good quality biscuits for break time.

And we ask so little of him 😦

A rich tea or a plain digestive simply does not cut it. I feel I bring a level of expertise and skill to my role and as such deserve to be rewarded with a decent biscuit on the one occasion I allow myself the pleasure every week.

I know many people are avid fans of custard creams, ‘nice’ biscuits, digestives and rich tea and for what it’s worth; I wouldnt be happy with these choices but I could maybe live with them if they were kept insome sort of tin to prevent my weekly treat becoming stale, soggy and a little bit sad. As the logistics of this are apparently too difficult for my boss to adhere to my demands are as follows: I want a biscuit of a recognised brand not a ‘stores own’ version, it should be in a wrapper and smothered in milk –not dark-chocolate and made available to me at 11:55am each Saturday morning to accompany my cup of tea. If I could express my words adequately by song I would but Ralph Little has done it for me:

Now that is resolved…lets talk tea bags!

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2 responses

23 02 2013

you get tea what more do you want ??????????

12 03 2013

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