The Tea Station

15 02 2013

TeapotMy morning does not start until shortly after my first cup of tea. And by first I do of course mean my third!

We have an odd relationship with tea in the UK – it is the start of our day, an opportunity to catch up with old friends and it is well known to be the solution for all of lives major problems from a bad day at the office to the death of a loved one.

In the work place many of us have limited opportunities to get our daily fix of caffeine. It is a two minute dash to the tea station in a short break and once we are cupping a steaming mug in our hands we dutifully return to work and drink it on the go. I myself am in this position and I have found myself increasingly frustrated with the layout of the tea station at work.

The wall mounted water boiler and the fridge are at opposite ends of the staff room. Whilst they are not miles appart for some reason people feel the need to have a “quick catch up” standing in between the two making it almost impossible to circumnavigate the tea station without colliding with a collegaue who already has a cup of tea in his or her hands usually deep in conversation about the details of their day so far and oblivious to the existance of other staff members who would like to make use of the facilities.

If this scenario is not familiar to you then it is likely that you are part of the problem! Make your tea and leave and if you have urgent business to discuss with a colleague then book a meeting room.

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