Valentine’s Day

14 02 2013

Three Nations

Fourteen years ago I found the perfect gift for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. He was not a hearts and flowers type of guy so a fluffy teddy bearing a message of undying love or a box of truffles were out. I bought a crate of larger and placed a red bow on top. This may seem an unromantic gesture but to a 22 year old guy living from hand to mouth, the indulgent purchase of a few cans of beer (that probably meant me going without lunch to pay for them at that time) was recognised as an acknowledgement of how much I valued him.

I decided to pay homage to that part of our lives by avoiding the cards, hearts and other such nonsense this year and instead buy a crate of 12 British beers. I decided that to make this a particularly romantic gesture and to brighten up an otherwise uneventful day I would have it delivered to him at work. That way he would get the maximum element of surprise and enjoy telling his colleagues about his wonderful and thoughtful wife. He would come home to me that evening in a haze of romance full of nostalgetic thoughts of the beginnings of our relationship and reminded of his deep deep love for me.

This has backfired somewhat.

I ordered the beer online and declining the option to pay the extortionate price for next day delivery I decided to hedge my bets and just go with standard shipping. I had considered the possibility that it may arrive late and disappointing as this would be at least he would know that I had thought about it in advance and appreciate the gesture.

I had not counted on it arriving early.

Two days early!!!

I had also not considered that the girl working in the distribution department would not read the label correctly and send out a WHOLE STAFF email asking “Could the person who is expecting a delivery of beer please come and collect it from the post room.”

She had 37 replies.

All claimed optimistically that they were 100% sure the beer was theirs.

One of these emails was from my husband.


Luckily I had the foresight to warn one of his good friends of what I had arranged and he dutifully went to collect the beer, pointed out my husband’s name on the package and ensured that it got to him safely with an explanation of its purpose.

Despite my epic fail in the organisation department the gesture was clearly appreciated as I arrived home tonight to discover my teddy bear tucked up in my side of the bed cradling a large card and bunch of beautiful plum tulips.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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