Heather and the flying wall Ducks

11 02 2013

Flying wall ducks

I wanted to share a piece of writing I did last Christmas as part of a gift.

Most Dads have nicknames for their children: Princess, sweetpea, monkey, sunshine etc.

But my Dad was thinking outside the box when he chose Daphne, Horatio and Muffin for his three girls. He had many nicknames for each of us and my youngest sister was also affectionately known as Duck. This sparked in my sister a lifelong love of the adorable animals. She is duck mad!

She has a collection of duck toys, ornaments and pictures but last year she realised that there was one thing that was missing from her collection. She discovered the existence of flying wall ducks – a common household adornment in the 1970’s. They are commonly associated with Hilda Ogden from Corrie and if I am honest I have never considered them to be particularly attractive ornaments.

However having discovered how much she wanted them I filed flying wall ducks in my mental notepad as a prospective Christmas present. A few months later I discovered some modern mirrored wall ducks that were very contemporary and suited to the home of a young woman in her 20’s so I ordered them immediately.

The day they arrived and I set about wrapping them my husband was away at a conference. In a moment of boredom I started writing a poem from the perspective of the ducks as an accompaniment to the gift. This project entertained and amused me for an entire weekend!

It was one of those great moments that I was as excited about her opening the gift as she was. It was the personal touch, time and effort that went into this that made it memorable for us both. The poem read as follows:

We came on a perilous flight

From the North Pole one dark stormy night

We have come one and all

To find peace on a wall

We we’ll all snuggle up warm and tight

For a duck is a web footed friend

Whose life could so tragically end

All mashed up in a stew

(from a chefs point of view

This conforms to a popular trend)

Now ducks don’t belong on a plate

But up on a wall they are great

Alan has some reserves

We might get on his nerves

But we really do need an escape

We’ve been told you’ve a beautiful hall

But nothing to hang on the wall

We bring laughter and cheer

That will last you all year

And your husband won’t mind us at all

(We’ve checked)!

My sister did suggest that I am “not too tightly wrapped” but Skipper, Peetre and Alan Junior have indeed taken up their post adorning the wall on the way up her staircase.

I'm part of Post A Day 2013

Next time you give someone a gift why not add a quirky poem or short story to make it more personal and extra special.




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