Reasons to write and generating ideas

10 02 2013


After 7 months of blogging I finally started to get into a routine of writing daily posts. It’s a project that I have found motivating. My personal challenge to attempt the Post a Day has forced me to come up with things to write about and I have enjoyed generating ideas some of which have potential for future development.

On Friday night I had a major case of writers block and it looked as if I would break my Post a Day habit. I have been run down and tired not to mention frustrated at work which has been a barrier to creativity but I was determined not to let the curse of the blank page stop me in my tracks.

I have a list of topics saved as a back up when inspiration won’t come but none reflected my thoughts and feelings of the particular moment. I was feeling pretty negative last night and I didn’t really want that to bleed into my blog.

But I was also determined not to write the dreaded “I’m sorry I have writers block so won’t be posting tonight”. I felt that might be the start of a slippery slope.

People have different reasons for blogging mine is to get into the habit of writing regularly. I hope to generate ideas for further development at a later date. I do not always know at the point of writing what I will do with these ideas but I have always been good at storing anecdotes in my head and tend to find a use for them at some point. I do not have a specific theme or topic for my blog and I know that this can be a barrier when it comes to site traffic. Not everything I write is particularly cleaver, unique, entertaining or inspirational but for me the reason to write is about discipline and generating good habits.

Coaching students during their Drama rehearsal process I have noticed that some of their best work usually emerges when they have hit the wall and worked through it.

I am glad to say that I did post late on Friday night taking inspiration from a prompt on the Daily Post and approaching a topic I have already explored from a different angle. It is not my best piece of writing but I may revisit at a later date to edit and improve.

I have made a list of strategies that I give my students that I might try next time I have writers block:

1/ Acrostic Device: Take a single word e.g. CHILDHOOD and write one letter on each line in the margin. Then C becomes the first letter of the first word. Possible words taken from my Blog: Money, Property, Finance, Parenthood.

2/ Write a poem or limerick about someone important to you.

3/ Create a list of pro and cons about a decision you need to make. E.g. parenthood v career, property v social life/holidays.

4/ Write a monologue from the perspective of your favourite TV or literary character.

5/ Come up with a fantasy cast list for the Dramatisation of your life.

6/ Write your acceptance speech for an award you would love to win.

7/ Write a letter to teenage you or future you.

8/ Pick someone at random on the journey to work and create a back story for them.

9/ Create a biography.

10/ Create a meal plan for the week using new recepies you have always wanted to try and review your efforts.

I'm part of Post A Day 2013




One response

10 02 2013
Pete Denton

I’ve read a few blogs over the last few days that are doing the blog a day. I might have to look into this for the future. I blog to get into the writing routine and definitely find it helps push yourself and write more.

Good luck with the daily routine. 🙂

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