I would like to be reincarnated as a…?

8 02 2013

I have been a little uninspired this evening so looked at the Daily prompt from the Daily post. The topic under discussion is reincarnation. As I have been teaching animal studies this week (see earlier post “Tonight Matthew I will be…a penguin”) I decided to give careful consideration to the important issue of what animal I would most like to be reincarnated as in my next life.

This complex issue required me to reflect deeply on my own personality and consider what flaws could be eliminated if I took on more the qualities of an animal of my choice. This required much deliberation.

I have created a shortlist and would value any insight readers may have about which would be the best option – assuming I am to be given some sort of choice in the matter!


Owl: We have all heard the expression as wise as an OWL. Who would not want to have the wisdom associated with this creature? It is an overlooked attribute particularly amongst the young as it is ‘uncool’ to appear bookish or to asume the role of geek. Yet wisdom can overcome many of life’s obstacles. In a society obsessed with body image and appearance wouldnt it be fantastic if intellegence and rational thinking were valued more? You needn’t be the strongest or most attractive animal if you have the smarts to think your way out of lifes dilemas.


Octopus: At work I am virtually homeless right now as I have been kicked out of my theatre space to make room for exams. The result is that I wander the halls of my school carrying all my resources with me in a multitude of bags and folders. Eight limbs would enable me to carry everything with greater ease and make it easier to open doors whilst juggling; bags, folders, a mug of coffee, my handbag and the occasional confiscated football.

Kitten: Even I (not the greatest fan of cats) go weak at the sight of a newborn kitten. These playful creatures spend all their waking hours exploring the big wide world, they are provided homes, food lots of TLC and delight in simple pleasures. I would love to be as playful and carefree as a kitten and I wish that I could pass the hours enjoying the distraction and pleasure of a ball of yarn rather than allowing more mundane issues to occupy my time.


Chameleon: We all occasionally want to be able to blend into the background and escape the notice of others. The ability to blend in and not attract attention would solve issues of the numerous conversations and confrontations that occur simply because we are seen by the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. My line manager once commented that my colleague (deserate to avoid a member of the leadership team and an awkward converstaion) have developed the skill of leaving the premises using a route that meant they were unlikely to come into contact with one another. She remarked that I would benefit if I used similiar strategies – she was blissfully unaware that I was well versed in such practice but only because it was her office that I skillfully avoided in the trek fro my classroom to my car!

Elephant: Strength, size and a massive memory! A good memory would solve my problem of regularly misplacing my credit card and car keys.

I would definitely NOT want to come back as a dungbeetle!

Given free choice what animal would you most like to be in your next life?

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One response

10 02 2013
Pete Denton

I’d like to return as a cat in our household. Life. Of. Riley. 🙂

Eat, sleep and use the facilities. That’s the life.

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