Walking beautifully in high heels

7 02 2013


Despite never having a particular passion for fashionable footwear as I was growing up, I have developed a bit of a reputation over the last few years for being the girl with the great shoes.

I have recently been wearing my fuzzy boots to work. They hurt my feet because I have naturally short Achilles tendons and high arches and the boots are flat, ( they apparently also make me walk like a penguin – see earlier post). But as I work in extremely cold temperatures right now my boots are warm and cozy and I don’t end the day with numb toes.

I miss my high heels so much in the winter months. I walk much better in them than I do in flats and they alter how I feel about myself. In heels I feel empowered and – dare I say: ‘sexy’. Due to my Achilles I naturally walk on my toes anyway. My Mum always hated this when I was growing up and an operation on my legs to stretch the tendon was discussed with my GP when I was a pre-teen.

However until recent years I only ever owned a modest selection of practical footwear – trainers, court shoes office flats and jazz shoes. This changed spectacularly a few years ago.

My Mum has always prioritised her family and only when I was older did she start indulging herself in impulse purchases – fortuitously she has same size feet as I do but I wear a narrower fit and my Mum has excellent taste. The net result is when she finds a fabulous pair that she cannot walk away from, if they are too narrow for her they often make their way to me. Then a few years ago my Mother-in-law looking for inspiration for Christmas presents, started to buy me designer brands of the most stunning stilettos.

I think I am a little hooked and my footwear is often a sorce of discussion in school and some of my students feel extremely let down if I arrive at lessons wearing anything they consider being dull and uninspiring (although this did make the sponsored walk last year extremely challenging!)

My beloved colleague bought me a book called “Walking backwards in heels”. It is a book listing the trials and tribulations of the modern woman. If the ability to walk backwards in heels is the means of navigating ones way through life then I am no doubt on my way to being crowned as Queen.

FYI: an unfortunate side affect of my search for an online image of my favourite and most treasured pair of Kurt Geiger shoes (above) is that I have identified at least 6 more pairs of extremely impractical stilettos that I now MUST have.

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2 responses

7 02 2013

I enjoyed reading this — and how lucky are you to have a mum-in-law who gives you designer shoes for Christmas? 😉

7 02 2013

Cannot believe my luck!
Glad you enjoyed it – thanks for visiting 🙂

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