Edinburgh Crystal

31 01 2013

Edinburgh Crystal

It is amazing to consider how priorities shift over time. As adults we value things that we never imagined would hold any significance or importance for us when we were children. I don’t know when I made the transition for its not as simple as the passing of a year, entering the world of work or getting married and settling down but a more subtle change.

For me the realisation that at some point I had “crossed” over was discovery of how much I loved my Edinburgh Crystal collection.  My set of these sinfully beautiful glasses are my pride and joy. It started when I was creating my wedding gift list and I chose a set of wine goblets and whisky glasses that I wanted. I had actually left the counter having been briefly distracted by some vases but immediately returned when a wine cooler caught my eye. I was hooked! I optimistically scanned the cooler and added the whisky decanter juts for good measure. My husband further added to my collection when he bought me the sherry glasses for Christmas one year.

It gives me great pleasure when we have people over to set the table with these stunning glasses. When the first one broke I actually cried a little.

The only grumble I had every time I reviewed my beautifully laid table, was my husband’s insistance on continuing to drink beer. Glass after beautiful glass, round the table, and then a beer can was unceremoniously plonked down on a coaster, this caused me much displeasure.

The problem was however resolved on one of his birthdays when he unwrapped his gift….

tankard…his very own tankard!

My collection is very self indulgent but I really really love it! Lets face it we all need beautiful things in our lives that make us irrationally happy.

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