Chippy Tea

25 01 2013

Fish and chips

For me Friday night has always meant one thing the “chippy tea”

It was a family tradition when I was growing up. The rest of the week my Mum would cook but Friday was treat night therefore when my Dad got home from work he would make the inevitable trip to the “Golden Chip”.

These little rituals are important. Dad had a long journey to and from work every day and my sisters and I always got excited when he got home. We always loved Fridays the best and I especially loved going to the chip shop with him. As I started to get a little older I remember that he would let me go by myself to place the order and pay with a crisp £10 note and the big softie sometimes let me keep the change to put in my piggy bank – it made me feel very grown up. Sometimes we would even visit the video shop on the way home and get out a family movie.

Much as my Mum loved not having to cook she and my Dad have always been big fans of restaurants and I am sure they would have preferred to have a meal out on at the end of the long week; but for me, Fridays were just magic.

I haven’t really kept up this tradition. I moved to England when I was 19 and have remained ever since. My husband and I have our own rituals and will no doubt continue to make new ones and I hope that when we have children whatever we do will prompt the same feelings of nostalgia in them one day.

I still love the occasional visit to the fish and chip shop – though not quite so regularly. The main reason is that my absolute favourite meal is not available in England. I am talking of course of the good ole “Norn Iron” PASTIE SUPPER”.

Pastie supper

Not to be confused with a Cornish pastie but a fabulous Northern Irish delicacy. Our pasties are round and flat, about 3/4 inch thick and made with meat, potato and onion (consistency similar to stuffing) this is battered and fried. To qualify as a “pastie supper” it needs to be served with thick cut chips. Traditionally, chip shops also colour the pastie’s filling with a bright pink dye which only adds to its appeal.

I am currently stuck with my usual choice of a battered sausage which is OK but this has never had quite the same appeal to me. Every time I visit my home town, the first stop I make on my way to my parent’s house is the local chippy and it usually makes me wonder why I ever left Carrickfergus.

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12 03 2013

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