Poetic Justice

23 01 2013

Give Way Sign

The world is a fairly unjust place but just occassionally some higher power steps in to restore the balance.

I was dropping my husband off at the train station recently. I was attempting to turn right in the carpark but my way was barred by a bus. The bus was in turn waiting for a crowd of pedestriansĀ  to cross the road at a zebra crossing. It was a one way system and there was absolutely no where I could go so I simply had to be patient and wait.

However there was a taxi behind me, the driver clearly found the situation to be inconvenient and attempted to pass me to my left – what the driver hoped to achieve with this manoeuvre, I cannot imagine. The only advantage was to move beyond my car, at which point he would have needed to wait for the bus and pedestrians as I was doing.

An almighty crash alerted me to the fact that as this selfish pillock made their pointless attempt they had collided with something that looked like a lamp post. I turned to see that they had crushed the bonnet of their car on the Give Way sign – PRICELESS.

Thank you universe for punishing such poor decision making by this mindless moron.

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