Support your local Food Bank

21 01 2013

FoodBankFollowing my blog about my tendency to waste too much food I remembered a documentary I watched some time ago about how the rising cost of food has become a real source if anxiety for some families.

There are an estimated 4million people in the UK in food poverty. For me the most shocking aspect of this is that many of the families affected have two working parents (albeit on low incomes) who simply cannot cope with the rising costs. It is the impact of the recession on normal families that I find the most distressing.

It is horrifying to think that while some of us are throwing away about half of the food we buy others are going hungry.

I decided that I wanted to do something about this by making a contribution. I looked online and found my nearest food bank run by an organisation called the Trussell Trust. They accept donations of the following non perishable food items:

UHT Milk


Cartons of fruit juice


Pasta Sauces

Tinned tomatoes



Instant mash potato


Tinned meat/fish

Tinned fruit


Biscuits and snacks

I believe this is a worthy cause. Many of us have had experiences of struggling to stretch our funds so they last till the end of the month. The gradual increase in food, gas and electric and other esential household bills could result in our inability to cope.

This has also inspired me to look into Charities over the coming months and consider small ways in which I can give something back to my local community. No one can predict the future and no one ever wants to be forced into a position where they must accept charity but while I hope to never need the support of such services I am grateful that they are there for those in need of short term help while they get back on their feet.

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