January Blues

19 01 2013

Sandals holiday

January can be something of a miserable month. Christmas is well and truly over, everyone has packed away the decorations, popped the cards into the recycling bin and returned to work just in time for the gloomiest winter weather to rear its ugly head.

It is hardly surprising that many of us attempt to beat the January Blues by allowing our minds to wander and fantasise about  globetrotting. We start to optimistically flick through glossy pictures in travel brochures promising that for two weeks we too can lead the lifestyle of the rich and famous, in glamorous destinations, with the promise of returning to our gloomy “real life” feeling refreshed, looking tanned and having experienced priceless “golden moments” (as my Dad likes to call them) that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

I love my traditional two weeks in the sun. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my husband without the distractions of our busy lives and commitments and I love experiencing other cultures and visiting historical sites and places of interest. We have loved the time we spent in Tunisia, Morocco, Cuba and Mexico and although we have had some great times closer to home; our personal tastes tend to take us a little further afield that Europe.

Saying that, we are typical tourists, we enjoy spending most of our holiday time in a resort and tend to stick to the more predictable tourist sites and probably experience little of the “real” local community, culture and lifestyle. On the other hand we don’t complain if sausage beans and chips are not available for every meal, we do attempt to speak to staff and engage with them as if they are human beings just like us rather than some foreign curiosity no better than a zoo animal and we do have a genuine interest in finding out about the history.

My heart sank when a brochure arrived in the mail a few days ago and my husband greedily absorbed its contents over our morning cup of tea before venturing out in the cold to go to work. The phrases that caused my distress were:

“Hmmm…they don’t seem to list the price”

“But…they do have a VIP Rolls-Royce transfer”

“And…there is a butler on the beach”

“And… its 6 star, I only thought it went up to 5 star but this place has 6 stars!”

It occurs to me that when looking at a travel magazine, if they do not include the price anywhere on the brochure then if you are the type of person who needs to ask the question, “But how much does it cost” that we may not be the target client for this particular holiday provider.

They do look nice though…

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