Snow and Tell

17 01 2013

SnowflakeI came home this evening to be greeted by fantastic news. After what seems like an endless wait and a few false starts, we may finally enjoy some proper snow tomorrow. The nation is collectively holding its breath in anticipation. We have been teased and tantalised by the occassional flurry over the past few weeks but it would appear that tomorrow is the big day and it seems to be all anyone can talk about.

The staff room was buzzing with excitement today as we all checked the MET office updates on our smart phones, my facebook wall currently reads like a weather forecast, trains have been pre-emptively cancelled, schools are warning parents and staff to check the websites before setting out on their journeys, corner stores cannot meet the demand for bread, milk and emergency canned goods, everyone is dusting off the scarves, coats and gloves they purchased in the January sales, and all eyes are on the sky willing the powdery flakes to come down harder and settle, turning our neighbourhoods into winter wonderlands.

It is not that we are a nation of winter sports enthusiasts or that the opportunity to create frozen families or snow-angels brings ot our “inner child”. Nor is it the welcome chance to model the latest trends in colourful knitwear or to take up ice sculpture.

The thing we are all hoping for is the elusive and much loved unanticipated holiday – THE SNOW DAY!

We do not cope well with extreme weather in England. Despite my having very few memories of snow days as a child, I have had the pleasure as an adult. Over the last few years the nation has come to a standstill on several occassions due to snow and I have loved every last one! Normally they creep up unexpectedly but this time we are ready and waiting.

For those of us already resigned to “not being able to get to work” tomorrow, the next few hours are critical. It will be a huge disappointment if tomorrow morning we wake to discover that the roads are clear, our workplace is open and we are expected to actually GO IN, abandoning our plans of remaining in our pajamas enjoying a cup of tea whilst catching up on Coronation Street.

I am on my way to the roof to do my snow dance before snuggling up under my duvet, where I will dream of being awakened to a text message reading “Unfortunately the College will remain closed today.”

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..please.

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