Lottery Win

21 10 2012

Over the summer I started to play the lottery online. I figured that it is not a huge amount of money to play, and someone has to win – the only way to be in with a chance is to buy a ticket.

I openned my email this morning to discover that there was ‘exciting news about my ticket‘.

It took aproximately 1min for me to log onto my account to see what I had won – the actual amount turned out to be £10.00 which has been transfered into my bank account. Whilst it is not a large enough amount to enable my early retirement and to establish my status as a lady who lunches; it will certainly be put to good use, probably towards a few drinks for a cozy night in with my hubby.

The anticipation, every time I enjoy a small win, brings out the day-dreamer in me I fantasise about what I would do if I won a large sum of money, who I would tell first, whether I would turn up to work on Monday,which exotic destination I would fly out to and how soon I could buy my dream house (which is the number one item on my to do list).

The reality is that I am highly unlikely to actually win a life changing sum of money but I enjoy the fantasy and I think its good for the soul to have a bit of a day dream from time to time.

I was reminded of a BBC Drama that explored how a big win affected the lives of 5 shop workers in a Syndicate:

But no plans currently to fly to Hawaii, quit my job, or crack open the champaigne this weekend. I will settle for a bottle of red wine and some Fosters from the ‘Bottle and Basket’.




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