16 10 2012

My husband recently introduced me to Chuck, an NBC show in the comedy/spy genre.

I have really enjoyed it. As I wrestle with GCSE and A-Level Drama texts on a daily basis I find I need something to help my brain switch off in the evening – this is a habit my husband does not find particularly endearing as my viewing choices usually involve a large number of Soap Operas. The benefit of this type of TV is that it requires minimal focus from me as it lacks complexity on any and every level and you can miss years of Eastenders and still feel fully caught up on all the salient plot points in under 5minutes.

The downside is that it has resulted in a Living Room/Computer room split between my husband and I with each of us assuming custody of our own space in the evening leaving little opportunity for us to share our evenings.

Chuck has been a fantastic antidote for this issue as it is fairly easy viewing, humorous and somewhat addictive – so the good news is that my other half and I, are spending our evenings in the same room.

Zachary Levi plays the lovable but unlikely hero whose life is thrown into disarray when state secrets are uploaded into his brain and he becomes a living computer. He needs to balance his secret life as a spy for the CSI with his existing and less glamorous job in a Buy More Store as a computer service expert as well as finding time to attend to family and friends.

Things are further complicated when he falls for his handler CIA Agent Sarah Walker.

I love the juxtaposition of the ‘real life’ problems Chuck experiences in contrast to the world of espionage. The ‘nerds’ working at Chucks store treat the mundane, ordinary and everyday trials and tribulations as if they were issues of national security and play act the lifestyle that Chuck himself is experiencing in an all too real way.

Adam Baldwin’s inarticulate grunts and snarls in response to Chuck’s quirky personality are a highlight in every episode and Chucks best friend Morgan has some great one liners.

Chuck is a warm and witty program and it certainly brightens up my evenings.




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