The quest for eternal youth

12 10 2012

Over the summer months I try to catch up with the many things I simply do not have time to attend to during the rest of the year.

This summer one of the tasks I assigned myself was to restock my dwindling make-up selection. I do not wear make-up every day – life is simply too short to worry about such things as ones personal appearance!

When I do wear make-up I go really dramatic. I love that my going out persona is different from my day to day persona and it makes dressing up for a special occasion that little bit more special.

As I threw out make-up products – some dating back to the mid 80’s – I realised that it has been a long time since I considered my daily skin care routine or treated myself to any new products. If you don’t wear it every day surely it is worth splashing out on good quality products that will look fantastic when I do go out, but also, given my tendency to hang onto make-up for a long time it needs to last.

For me this meant a trip to Debenhams and a consultation with the Estée Lauder girl.

She greeted me with a cool expression – no doubt confused by my extremely NOT orange complexion which appears to be the aspirational look for professionals in this industry. She warmed considerably after I used the ill considered phrase “No seriously, I need EVERYTHING”.

After a full deconstruction of the need to follow a rigorous skin routine involving products I have never heard of and a lengthy step by step demonstration of how I could achieve the perfect day AND evening look (apparently one is simply not sufficient for today’s “modern woman”) she looked at me with trepidation. Trembling she summarised all the products that had by now been applied to my face and reminded me of the steps involved in achieving my now “perfect” look and asked “So what will you be taking today?”

My reply may haunt me over the next month when I am unable to pay my rent or eat.

“I would like to take everything that we have just used”

My shopping basket contained the items below.

I will never reveal the actual number that appeared at the bottom of my receipt – I am too embarrassed. However I looked at a website for a charity group who claim that for £14 a month you can sponsor a child in Uganda and the money will cover school fees, medical costs and also development of their education e.g. going towards building a new classroom – I feel that my money could have been put to better use.

I didnt take all these products with me on my recent holiday (my travel insurance simply wouldn’t cover it) but I have brought the basics and intend to look fabulous – with what I spent I would need to.




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