Beam Me Up Scotty

16 08 2012

Today I am flying to Mexico with my husband.

He is super excited. We booked back in January and not a day has passed that he hasn’t updated me with his daily count-down of the days left until our departure – as this has lasted for 6 months it became tired really quickly.

Mexico does look like paradise. It’s an adult only hotel, which is a major plus given my job role, with 6 restaurants and as many pools. There is an excellent entertainments programme and fantastic reviews splashed all over the internet. As excited as I am about the holiday itself I cannot stand long flights. The idea of being cooped up in a plane for 10hours is excruciating!

No matter how hard I try to read, watch movies, chat to my other half or even sleep, I can’t seem to settle. The half way point is the worst, when you realise that you have as much of the flight ahead of you as have passed. It is not helped by the fact that I never fully relax on holiday until the moment I walk through the doors of my hotel room.

My husband seems to cope better on planes. While he cannot cope with travel in a general sense (as it brings him into contact with the general public – with whom he has little tolerance) the flight does not seem to pose the same challenge for him as it does for me. He can easily read a book at home for 10 hours straight so the fact that he is on a plane is not a major inconvenience.

He relaxes into the holiday much earlier than I do and has an uncanny ability to have his first can of beer snapping opening with the familiar popping sound at the moment the bellboy walks us into our hotel room. I honestly don’t know where the beer comes from only that there always is one that magically appears in his hand while I start the process of unpacking.

I am looking forward to the next two weeks of enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of Mexico but yearn for the day when I can simply teleport to my holiday destination at will.




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19 08 2012
may you both have a wonderful enjoyable vacation

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