Thanks a Latte

11 08 2012

Last night I spent the evening with my husband and 2 extremely good friends. They had us over at their place for a summer BBQ and a catch up before we fly to Mexico next week. It was a really great evening and the first time we have seen them since my birthday.

After a great meal my friend disappeared for a few minutes into the kitchen and returned with this:


Despite being built like a wrestler he has an unexpected passion for baking and despite some mocking from his friends he takes every opportunity to experiment in the kitchen. We often have theme evenings where he and I take turns to cook a meal for the four of us themed on the culinary styling’s of a particular Country so far we have covered Italian, Spanish, Mexican and even a British 70’s diner party inspired evening.

What makes Lawson’s baking so special is his efforts to personalise his meals to suit the people he is cooking/baking for. For example he made my husband a Red Bull cake for his birthday! When he brought out my cake last night his girlfriend and my husband both seemed a little put out at the seemingly romantic gesture of placing a red heart on the icing in red syrup.

This was until I squealed with excitement, remembering a trip the four of us took to Tunisia at Easter. Every day when they all enjoyed a beer mid afternoon in the hotel lobby I had a coffee. The barman made me what he lovingly referred to as his “Special Ali-Baba Coffee”, served in a beer glass with loads of frothy milk and a heart drawn in the foam in red syrup.

The cake was a coffee cake and absolutely delicious.

“Thanks a Latte, Lawson”




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