“Let’s Go Out”

7 08 2012

It’s that wonderful time of year again. School is out for the summer. It still feels strange being able to fully appreciate school holidays again having returned to school more than 10 years after I first left. I am certain that when I walked through the school gates for the last time after my A-Levels that I swore to every major deity that I would never return.

However time is a great healer, so four years ago I returned to university to retrain as a secondary teacher of Drama. It was a really tough experience but teaching is not without its rewards, I am of course speaking of the 6 wonderful weeks off during the summer months and I am trying to make the most of this time – but it’s hard.

It is tempting to spend the entire holiday doing housework and planning for the upcoming school year, especially as most professions do not come with this perk so none of my non school friends are off work and my husband is still busy, busy, busy, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. I know what you are thinking have some quality time on his days off but he is fiercely protective of his days off and rather keen on spending them in front of the computer playing WOW.

We will get some of the summer together as we will be going to Mexico at the end of the school holidays. It’s odd, on holiday we love being out in the sun by the pool or on the beach but we are woeful at enjoying time out during the rare spells of good weather in this country. We don’t have a garden so end up cooped up in our flat boiling hot and miserable. On a recent and wonderfully sunny day off I attempted to convince my husband to actually leave the house, a suggestion treated with the same fear and contempt last seen when Frodo asked his mates to join him on a trip to Mordor.


I suggested a romantic walk at The Look Out in Bracknell followed by a visit to a local pub by a lake for drink and maybe a snack.

Half way round the forest trail he called work from his mobile.

Now technology is a great thing and it has enabled us to be instantly available 24/7. However surely there are certain occasions when we should not allow ourselves be so accessible to the rest of the world?

Challenge yourself this summer. At least once, on the next nice day that you have time off, take your partner or family out, leave the mobile behind, switch everything off, don’t worry about “checking in” and updating you status on Facebook, don’t answer any calls from work and simply enjoy a few hours together in the sunshine.




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