Impulse Shopping

5 08 2012

Girls love shopping!

At least we are supposed to love shopping.  Shoes, handbags and the seasons latest fashion trends gracing the glossy pages of all the trendy celebrity magazines are supposed to be a high priority for the modern woman.

I must admit I am not a fan. I cannot think of anything worse than dragging myself through endless stores on a Saturday afternoon, trying on items I cannot afford , fighting through crowds of people, (who btw move at an improbably slow pace and stop at irregular and inconvenient intervals causing me to walk into them resulting in a humble if ill-considered apology on my part even though I am not at fault); and desperately wondering why I didn’t wait until the sales or why my day job does not enable me to take these trips during less busy periods of time.

However back in May I finished my weekend job at 1:00pm on a ridiculously sunny Saturday afternoon and felt the urge to “go out”. I decided to go shopping and maybe even, if the mood took me to treat myself to a little something.

Some hours later I returned home feeling suitably invigorated after my day out on the high street. As is always the case on these occasions I felt I would round the day up with a phone call home to my Mum in Northern Ireland. After walking me step by step through the events of her day and updating me on the goings on of my family back home she eventually asked how I had spent my day.

The remainder of the conversation was as follows:

Me:        I went shopping.

Mum:    Oh! Did you buy anything?

Me:        Yes.

Mum:    What did you come home with?

Me:        A Peugeot 107.

Mum:    *Shocked Silence*

So shopping enthusiast or not – I challenge anyone to carry off impulse shopping on such a large scale, commiting to not just a large credit card bill at the end of the month but a long term financial commitment (despite a modest income and other regular and high maintaince financial responsibilities such as, I dont know, RENTING IN SURREY!) with such a laid back and cavalier attitude. On a side note the most commonly asked question after buying a car is not about its make, model or price but, “What colour is it?” …. I had to check the paperwork before I was able to anwer!

Please share with me your own experiences of Impulse Shopping I am looking for anyone who can top this neglegent and poorly justified purchase – even though I REALLY love my new car Buttercup ;P




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24 08 2013
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