1 07 2012

I am new to blogging.

In recent years, although I have been aware ofthe existance of internet blogs, my understanding has been largely informed by my love of “Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog” starring Neil Patrick Harris.

But that was until recently.

My husband has always harboured a wish to be a writer.  He is an avid reader and loves the fantasy genre. When he talks about the ideas he has for his own work he is extremely passionate and despite having a dozen scenarios and characters in his minds eye, each screaming to be commited to paper, he has struggled to follow through with any of them. He even attempted attempted working with a partner at one stage.

Early this year he decided to do something about it. Instread of being confronted with the dreaded blank page he decided to write a blog. Apparently this is a technique used by many aspiring writers to help them get into the habbit of writing something however trivial every day. This is a great way of collecting ideas that could be furthur developed at a later date. I love my husbands witty take on life and have been extremely impressed with his insightful, creative and humourous observations.

This made me think of a secret ambition I have had for some time. I would love to write a stand up routine. I don’t think I have ever confessed this to anyone but it is something I would really love to do. I have no delusions that I will be the next big thing on Live at the Apollo or anything like that but it would be fun to try something that challenges me and gives me the opportunity to be creative.

I don’t know if I have my husbands commitment to this task (he has set himself a goal of a post a day!), but he has inspired me to give it a go and simply try to write about my day to day life on a regular basis whether its a review of a book or play, an observation, witty anecdote or just a moan about something that has irritated me.

If nothing else maybe this will give me an opportunity to get stuff out of my system if I’ve had a hard day at the office.




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